Uber A.I. Residency Program
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About the Residency Program

The Uber AI Residency is an intensive one-year program (starting mid-late June/July 2020) intended for individuals seeking to advance their careers in machine learning research and practice. Read more about the program on the Uber Eng blog here.

Residents will have the flexibility to pursue a range of different directions in research and application. Some projects might involve fundamental machine learning and AI research, pushing the frontiers of the field by developing new algorithms for learning and control. Others could include devising and training new large-scale models with the capability to improve the user experience for millions of users on the Uber platform. Yet other projects could use new or existing models to provide critical insights into our changing world. Residents will have the opportunity to work directly with a distinguished group of researchers and engineers within Uber ATG.

A residency will last for 12 months and will begin with an initial period of learning, exploration, and collaborative ideation. During this period, residents will meet with researchers at Uber ATG and converge on initial project directions, and mentorship will be arranged. Projects that span disciplines and teams are encouraged, and mentors may be selected from any team as appropriate for the project. Residents will be encouraged to publish their work externally at top machine learning venues (NIPS, ICLR, ICML, CVPR, EMNLP, ACL, etc.), via Uber Engineering blog posts, or by releasing open source projects.

Eligibility Requirements

  • BS, MS, or PhD in a technical field or equivalent experience
  • Coursework in or working knowledge of linear algebra, calculus, and probability
  • Coding ability in Python or C/C++
  • Demonstrated experience with machine learning or deep learning algorithms, and demonstrated passion for the same. If you’re excited about ML, show us what you’ve done so far!

Preferred Qualifications

Demonstrated success at self-driven projects: whether you coded something great from the ground up, executed a beautiful research project, organized a group of your peers to action, asked and answered an important societal question, or started a company, we’re looking for people that are used to pressing toward ambitions, exciting goals.

A strong track record of open source contributions in any area, particularly machine learning. Impactful, well-cited publications in any field, particularly machine learning. Residents will work from Uber’s AI Residency locations ( San Francisco, CA OR Toronto, Canada). We strongly encourage applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds and from anywhere in the world! Candidates who need a visa to work in the US are also encouraged to apply; we will investigate options on a case-by-case basis for those who are accepted.

Here are what some of our current residents have to say!

AI Residency Applications are now open!

We encourage applying well in advance, as applications are evaluated on a rolling basis. Instructions about submitting academic records and any other required documents can be found on the application page.