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Developing products geared towards making Uber bigger and better.

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Engineering Teams in Hyderabad

The Hyderabad engineering team builds economics engineering and business platforms focusing on driver partners, riders and marketplace worldwide. The current Hyderabad engineering team has built business platform products that have redefined the way in which Uber looks at finance, by providing:

  • Complete real-time view of financial health
  • Real-time financial detail to better manage the business

The products we develop are technically challenging.
It is an engineer’s dream to work on the following challenges.

  • Scale - Our products are built for approximately 10 times the trip scale of the company
  • Real-time - Computing financial impact at the very business moment is the key for feedback to the business. All products were made real-time with millisecond latencies.
  • Accuracy - Getting accuracy in real time is a very unique problem to solve. Our platform is Uber’s northstar for financials.
  • Compliance - When you combine regulatory fragmentation with onboarding rules from our Safety & Insurance team, the complexity increases dramatically. Onboarding compliance requirements are complex in nature and bringing them to real-time is a very unique engineering problem to solve.

“I am working as a Software Engineer at Uber Hyderabad. Before coming to Uber, I worked for a while at Flipkart as a fresh graduate from college. Uber’s fast growing pace in India excited me. I had heard from a friend that Uber’s first engineering center in India was getting established in Hyderabad and they will be handling the finances for Uber globally. The team was as small as 10 members and they were actively looking to strengthen it. I went to Uber’s career portal and applied for that profile almost immediately. I look back to that day and consider it one of my best decisions.

Even though I have now completed around a year in Uber, I still find myself learning new things every day and growing both personally and professionally. The team works on solving some crucial problems. It deals with tons of data and provides solutions in real time. In this team, you get to see the impact of your work immediately. It has been a fun ride all the way.”

- Surbhi Sonawane, Software Engineer

"I have been working in Uber since 19 months. I have been enjoying my work at Uber more than anything else, since I joined. I am really thankful to Uber for giving the opportunity to build the services from scratch. In the journey so far, there has been an exponential growth in my skill set in distributed and realtime accurate systems. The team comprises of highly talented and motivated members, which motivates to come to work everyday. Afterall office is like another home."

- Tejesh, Software Engineer - Backend

“I am a Software Engineer working at Uber, with around 6 years of experience, out of which 1.5 years have been spent at Uber. I can say with confidence, that working at Uber, has notched me up quite a few levels. I have worked on various interesting problems here, along-with getting to learn the evolving technologies and working with really smart people. I believe that not so many places would cater to such kind of work. And it’s not just only work here at Uber, we play sports as well here, where multiple people have their own little groups playing football, tennis, due to which, I feel every week is fun here.”

- Krunal, Sr Software Engineer

"I am working as a Software Engineer at Uber Hyderabad. I have around 10 years of experience building applications and scaling platforms in various domains. I also have extensive experience in designing data systems and working with Hyderabad engineering team is extremely fun. We are building global platforms and solving new challenges everyday at scale. Working with some of the smartest engineers and self organizing teams is what drives me to work everyday."

- Jagmeet, Senior Software Engineer

Careers at Uber Hyderabad

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