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The Data Visualization team at Uber tackles some of the hardest engineering, computer graphics and information design challenges to improve the understanding of Uber’s business from it’s massive datasets, having a direct impact in our day-to-day strategy and decision-making

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Engineering Intelligence through Data Visualization at Uber

The data visualization team was created to deliver intelligence through crafting visual exploratory data analysis tools for Uber’s datasets. Map-based information is one of our biggest and richest assets at Uber.

Every day, Uber manages billions of GPS locations. Every minute, our platform handles millions of mobile events. Every time we don’t use technology to analyze and interpret this information is an opportunity missed to better understand our business.

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Data Visualization at Uber

There are many creative ways to tell the story of Uber with data visualization. We can create visual narratives around topics like safety, efficiency, and traffic, or Uber’s role in the public-transit network. We develop multiple mapping applications tailored to different customers.

Data visualization helps us transform the billions of GPS points handled by our platform into an easily digestible format. Our applications provide real-time information, which vastly improves decision making throughout the organization.

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Introducing Uber Movement

Every hour of every day, people use Uber to get around the more than 600 cities we serve. From Sydney to Summit, we’ve been working hard to get to know these cities, with the goal of making them cleaner, more efficient and less crowded. Along the way, we’ve found that local leaders, urban planners, and civic communities are all working to crack their city’s commute and figure out how best to invest in new infrastructure.

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Open sourcing 4.0

No matter what you work on, data drives decisions these days. At Uber, we like to see this data move in order to really understand it. is designed to make visualization of large data sets simple. It enables users to quickly get impressive visual results with limited effort through composition of existing layers, while offering a complete architecture for packaging advanced WebGL based visualizations as reusable JavaScript layers.

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